BSK Global is a reliable partner serving its Customers with the following features:

  • Industrial solutions; in parts, equipment and systems in selected industries and applications.
  • Serving heavy industries; Cement, Aggregates&Asphalt, Mining, Fertilizer, Alternative Fuels and Sugar industries.
  • Global footprint; Present in Americas, Europe, Middle East/Central Asia/Africa, South Pacific Asia regions.
  • Environmentally conscious; designing and producing high efficiency equipment and systems, serving to Alternative Fuels applications to reduce carbon based fuels, and maximizing efficiency and productivity in all operations.
  • Flexible; offering solutions unique to  Customer’s specific requirements, while making sure that standardization and versatility is maximized.
  • Single point-of-contact/ ease of doing business; we believe in lean mentality; making complex problems simple and easy to understand. This applies not only in the parts, equipment, and systems we design, but also in everything we do.

BSK Global Quality Policy

Our company which operates in the field of sales and marketing, design&engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning globally, has determined its policy on the following to reach the highest level of integrated management system:

  • To understand the customer needs and fully meet their expectations,
  • To form an organization with ethical values, knowledge, desire to grow and continually improve,
  •  To choose and evaluate the suppliers per the ability of providing the right products and develop the mutual business relations,
  •  To ensure customer satisfaction by supplying the right products, in demanded quality and time at competitive/optimum prices,
  • To establish highest level of occupational health and safety and environmental standards to eliminate risks, injuries and health problems,
  •  To comply with legal and other requirements with occupational health and safety regulations,
  • To prevent environmental pollution,
  • To minimize the consumption of energy and natural sources with efficient usage,
  •  Continuous improvement.



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